Split air-conditioning installation diagram

With split-type air conditioning, the condenser unit that houses the motor, fan and other components, is mounted outside the building or the area being cooled, this ensures quiet operation for the indoor inverter unit. The units can be located up to 20 metres apart.

Split air conditioning installation examples

Split air conditioning systems

Cross air conditioning split range starts with smaller units, these are ideal for smaller rooms and locations. For commercial applications the range extends up to larger more powerful models: the bigger the indoor unit, the bigger the external condensing unit required. Multi splits systems allow up to five indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit.

With heat-pump technology, split systems can provide room heating as well as cooling, which is often an economical alternative to central heating systems.

Cross air conditioning have years of experience of installing air conditioning systems to meet the requirements of businesses large and small, We are specialist in both retro fit for existing buildings or the design and installation for new build project

The right system for you?

We will make sure you choose the right system for your business. This will be based on several factors. What’s the area used for How many people will use the space, is there any solar gain? These and many other issues will influence the final product selection and design of the system. Our expert engineers and system designers will help guide you through the process to ensure your system is right for you.

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