LED Lighting Energy Management
"LED lighting is fast becoming the new industry standard within retail refrigeration. With vastly reduced running costs, zero maintenance costs and lower CO2 emissions, LED lighting is the smart option for retail."

LED Lighting

When existing lighting is replaced with Vantium LED lighting, displays are immediately brighter which help to generate an increase in sales.

Cross LED lighting systems are helping to reduce the energy consumption and improve the visual appeal of food displays for major supermarkets .

Within the retail industry, there has recently been a move towards LED lighting in place of the older, less efficient fluorescent tube lighting. This green technology can reduce the lighting energy bill of a store by over 60% through reduced consumption and has a high aesthetic value, providing bright displays with vibrant colors.

LED lights have a number of significant advantages over conventional lighting options, one being that they provide uniform brightness throughout a store whilst giving the retailer an unparalleled amount of options.

The advanced lighting options that Cross Energy supply are manufactured by Nualight, our technical partners in the LED lighting field. Every installation comes with a 5 year warranty on every system and lifetime specification of 50,000 hours. This maintenance free product is therefore significantly easier to run than conventional lighting.
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