Renewable Energy resources
"As a renewable, sustainable, clean and free source of energy, solar power makes financial and environmental sense. We see the potential in the Renewable Energy Market in Ireland and through our investment in CGE Cool Power we will bringing our professionalism and commercial experience to this exciting new market sector"

Renewable Energy

In the past decade there has been a huge advancement in the use of renewable energies to gradually replace fossil fuels as our primary fuel source as a society. In the decades to come, Cross Energy will be at the forefront of renewable technology in the UK and Ireland, bringing diverse experience and market leading technologies to help both governments attain their targets under the Kyoto Agreement and EU Directives.

Cross Energy offers solutions for any size project with experienced project managers to see your project through from start to finish using only the most advanced Solar PV & Wind Turbine technologies available.

Our attention to detail will ensure that you will have a long lasting installation that will be as efficient in decades to come as it is the day we commission it.