Ripening system control
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Ripening Facility Control System

Having energy efficient equipment is one thing, but to ensure maximum energy saving the control system must be intelligent enough to take control of each working component and ensure they operate within the most energy efficient parameters and at the same time provide an excellent grade of fruit at the end of each ripening cycle.

Each room can be individually controlled via a touch screen interface located beside the door of the ripening room. As well as this a centralised system is provided for a full overview of each ripening facility.As well as managing each ripening room and associated plant, our system will take control of your whole facility to enable control of all other aspects of your building from heating / domestic hot water / office lighting etc..

The advantage of having all of this information accessible from one point allows us to create a complete building energy management system. Our control system can print energy reports on each aspect of the building so the end user can see exactly how and where the energy usage is being distributed and ultimately control the building to save more energy.

This system can also be retro fitted into existing which will help the end user reduce their energy bills dramatically.