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Ripening Rooms

Evenly Distributed Air Flow & High Efficient Fans
Air Flow

The airflow within our ripening rooms is designed to penetrate all boxes of fruit with an even airflow throughout the room resulting in all fruit being ripened uniformly.

Our high efficient fans are designed specifically to provide adequate airflow through each pallet of fruit. With the incorporation of a variable speed inverter drive, each fan can be individually controlled by the ripener to achieve a specific pressure differential between the pallets. This dramatically reduces the energy consumption of each ripening cycle.

Gas tight doors
Gas Tight doors As we understand the importance of gas tightness within a ripening room we use a bespoke gas tight sectional door which can be supplied in a multiple of colours. Each door contains mechanical and electrical safety stops to ensure safe working conditions for the ripeners.
Bespoke Ventilation System
ventilation Our bespoke ventilation system uses only mechanical parts to create a gas tight seal when not in operation. This prevents electrical damper failure and seizure meaning low maintenance. If in the unlikely event an extract fan would fail the ripener would be notified through the control system.
Ripening Control System
pallet racking Our fully developed control system does more than control the ripening process. Further details can be seen within the control section of our website. Each ripening room has its own touch screen interface allowing the ripener local control of the rooms. A central station is also provided for full site overview and also allows remote access.
Pallet Racking
pallet racking The pallet racking system is specifically designed for each size of ripening room to ensure easy loading via a forklift. The front of each room has a tapered entry to guide the forklift operator into the room. Each isle has robust kerbing to prevent any damage and help guide the forklift. An access ladder is positioned at the rear of the room allowing access to upper tiers which have their own walkway and safety rails.
Pallet Sealing System
pallet seasling The vertical rubber seals within each ripening room ensure maximum air tightness to create optimum air pressure within the room. They can be placed at any pallet interval throughout the rooms to create part loading intervals to suit each customers requirements. They are made from a tough rubber to eliminate and damage whilst loading.
The horizontal curtains run the length of each pallet section and are hung on a special mechanism to allow sealing against uneven stacked pallets to ensure air pressure is kept to a maximum.
Valve Stations
valve stations Our valve stations have been specially designed to supply the cooling coils with adequate chilled medium depending on cooling demand. In conjunction with our control system it enables us to have a uniform temperature throughout the whole room.

Low Maintenance

Our rooms are designed to make maintenance easy. All major parts can be accessed and serviced even if the room is fully loaded.

Energy Efficient

Our ripening rooms are extremely energy efficient and we continue to develop our ripening rooms to maintain a constant high specification and high energy efficiency.