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Sintra mix-ind air pulsion

Sintra Mix-Ind Air Pulsion is a unique air temperature control system developed over the past four decades. It has been used in more than 15,000 installations across Europe and the Middle East in Pharmaceutical across a wide range of applications; Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Aerospace, Retail, Leisure & Sports Arenas.

The technology uses high induction Pulsers® (perforated ventilation ducts) which set the entire environment air mass into controlled motion. It can be used with existing, or new sources of heating and/or cooling and is perfectly suited for new and existing large pharmaceutical manufacturing / distribution sites change to large volume buildings stringent temperature regimes.



We work with a wide range of sectors and have extensive experience in:




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Sports & Leisure Arenas

Temperature Control

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Unique patented systems

Patented MIX-IND systems consist of perforated channels designed using numerous patented technologies. MIX-IND systems deliver far superior energy and comfort performance compared to the most advanced traditional air diffusion systems. MIX-IND solutions not only deliver highest level of performance but can often reduce the overall cost of the entire plant.

MIX-IND® perforated channels are PULSERS® which, unlike other diffuser systems, create a “pressure field” on their axis, capable of moving the entire mass of the ambient air at the desired speed. MIX-IND® ambient air pulsation technology is unique and is the accumulation of 4 decades of experience and 15 years of dedicated research.

Key Benefits

Compared to traditional air distribution systems, Sintra MIX-IND system offers the following significant advantages:

  • Homogeneity of temperatures, both vertical and horizontal, +/- 1°C
  • Installation heights over 40m
  • Horizontal Airthrows >80m
  • No duct insulation required / No condensation
  • Variable comfort / Air speed control
  • Potential to reduce linear meter of ducting by 75%
  • No return air ducting / Weight reduction on structure
Key Benefits

Economical savings possible up to:

Energy Savings
  • Fan Power: up to 80% with variable airflow
  • 20-100% (no performance loss)
  • 40% in winter thanks to total destratification
  • 30% savings on the start-up times
  • 30% savings for free-cooling in winter


Other Cost Benefits
  • Up to 50% saving on running costs
  • Reduction of installation costs and on-site maintenance
  • Up to 80% saving on filter replacement